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Goodbye To Gado

Tip of the cap to Koy for bringing this story to my attention.  It appears that Samkon Gado will have more time to pursue his medical education, as the Houston brass decided today that his football services were no longer needed.  While the motivation for the move is purportedly The Schaub's health and the subsequent need to add a QB to the practice squad, I can't ignore the fact that Smithiak opted to elevate RB Joe Echemandu to the active roster (which has to make MDC ecstatic).  In essence, the team decided that Echemandu's potential outweighed Gado's production.  Seeing as how Gado was averaging a mere 2.6 YPC and couldn't find playing time in a struggling backfield, that's probably not saying much for Echemandu's potential.

While Samkon Gado was unable to recapture the magic he flashed in Green Bay, he'll always have a special place in my heart as the guy who was acquired for Casserly favorite Vernand Morency.  While his numbers may not have shown it, if nothing else Gado provided a valuable service to the club in helping to eradicate another vestige of the Caperssly Era, for which we should all be thankful.  Best of luck to Samkon in whatever field he chooses to pursue.