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Chargers To Play Home Game At Reliant? seems like new sites are suggested every hour for Sunday's game between the Texans and Chargers.  The latest speculation, courtesy of some vague comments by the Commissioner, says that the game could be played in Texas, which naturally means in Dallas (Cowboys are on a bye this week) or the Space City.  Not surprisingly, Bob McNair is amenable to Reliant hosting the contest:

"We'd love to have the Chargers play at Reliant Stadium," Texans owner Bob McNair said from Philadelphia. "I think we could sell out in three days. But from a competitive standpoint, I'm not sure the Chargers would want to do that. We're just waiting to see."

Call me a cynic, but I don't see the Chargers getting geeked about the idea of playing a home game on the visiting team's turf.  If this game is played in the only state that was its own sovereign nation, Dallas would make more sense as a neutral site.  And you just know that Jerry Jones would love the idea of squeezing one more week of revenue out of the season.

Still, I can't see this game being played in Texas if any other feasible options exist.  My money's on the Texans playing Sunday in Los Angeles or on Monday night in Arizona.    Given the logistical issues that could accompany having two Monday night games, with neither of said games being on the East Coast, Los Angeles is probably the best option.