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Inside The Mind Of Gary Kubiak

Imagine, if you will, that you're Gary Kubiak.  Your team is struggling, having gone 1-4 over the last five (5) weeks.  Your squad hasn't resembled anything of consistent quality since Week Three against Indianapolis, and now you've got to play a team that most observers picked to win the AFC West and compete for the Super Bowl.  Plus, you have no idea where or when said game is going to be played, though reports indicate that the decision will be made today.

Even more troubling is the glaring problem at the most important position on the field.  Your franchise quarterback is beat up--badly.  He's nursing at least four (4) separate ailments, with injuries to his thigh, back, hip, and ankle.  He was able to take some snaps at yesterday's practice, but it's clear that he's nowhere near 100%.  Sure, at Week Eight of the NFL season, no one is at 100%.  Fortunately, you've got a capable backup in Sage Rosenfels, who came off the bench to throw four (4) TD passes in a quarter (as well as three (3) interceptions) in last week's game against Tennessee.  Still, there's a reason Rosenfels is the backup; the guy has only played (not started) nineteen (19) games in almost seven (7) years in the NFL.  

If both guys were healthy, this'd be a no-brainer.  Matt Schaub is the guy you expect to be quarterbacking the Texans for the next several years.  He's shown how good he can be.  But do you put him out there against a defense that looks like this?  Against a team that had nine (9) players named to the Pro Bowl last year?  Regardless of the opponent, can you even put Matt Schaub out there in good conscience, knowing his condition, just because he's your starter?  It's not like this is the last game of the season.  You've still got another eight (8) to go after this one.  Is it worth it?

No.  No, it's not.  Start Rosenfels, and let Schaub heal.  Hope he's ready to play next week at Oakland.  And if he's not, start Rosenfels again before going into your bye week.  There's worse things in this world than listening to how the hometown fans will react on November 18th when they get to welcome back two (2) healthy superstars in Schaub and Andre Johnson.  Don't mortgage the season, and possibly more, just because you don't want to listen to Richard Justice tell everyone that he "convinced" you to do the right thing.