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Injury Report--Houston v. San Diego

Courtesy of, here's the latest injury report for today's game in San Diego:

S. Barber--out (neck)
K. Studdard--out (groin)
A. Johnson--doubtful (knee)
A. Green--probable (knee)
D. Ryans--probable (ankle)
M. Schaub--probable (hip)
H. Williams--probable (quad)
J. Zgonina--probable (chest)
K. Brown--probable (foot)

D. Florence--??? (his injury and status aren't listed, but his name is; I'm going to chalk this up to Mr. Florence suffering from a wicked case of razor burn and categorizing him as doubtful).
N. Hardwick--out (SARS)
C. Davis--questionable (bad sushi)
J. Williams--questionable (rickets)

See how I avoided making any jokes that could in any way be viewed as related to the wildfires?  Bet you didn't think I'd pull that off!