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Predicting The Texans' Record: The Remix

I've been thinking about this since the Tennessee game.  When the 2007 schedule was released, I predicted your Houston Texans would finish with a record of 8-8.  Since Matt and JMP boldly published their reevaluations, I figure it's high time I re-memorialize mine.  You know, so I can praise or mock myself in a few more weeks.  

Way back in April (before the draft, even), here's how I originally saw the season playing out:

KC--W (correct)
@ CAR--W (correct)
IND--L (correct)
@ ATL--L (correct)
MIA--W (correct)
@ JAC--L (correct)
TEN--W (incorrect)
@ SD--L (correct)
@ OAK--W
@ CLE--W
@ TEN--L
@ IND--L

So halfway through the season, I thought the Texans would be 4-4.  As they're 3-5, it looks like I'm a game off pace.  That's shocking, because I'm an admitted idiot.  But let's look forward.  Knowing what I know now, here's how I see the rest of the schedule playing out as I sit here now:

@ OAK--W
@ CLE--L
@ TEN--L
@ IND--L

That's 7-9.  Of course, I'll probably pound some Kool-Aid and convince myself that a few of those losses should turn into wins each week and/or pound some Drano and convince myself that every "W" should turn into "L."  I'm manic like that.

Feel free to leave your prediction on the remainder of the season in the Comments below.