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"The Bust" Is Your AFC Rookie Of The Month

Sorry for the radio silence around these parts for the past couple of days; work was kicking my arse.  It's lightened up now though, so we return to our regularly scheduled snarky commentary.

The player PFT reported was being labeled a bust before he ever played his first regular season game has, SURPRISE!, been named the AFC Rookie of the Month.  His name is Amobi Okoye.  He has four (4) sacks in four (4) games.  He also has 10 tackles and a forced fumble.  He may also have the power to heal lepers.  Congratulations to Houston's new "Nigerian Nightmare" on the first of what I'm sure will be many awards throughout his time in H-Town.

And don't worry--I'll be weighing in on Kubes' decision to start Petey Faggins (again) on Sunday soon.  Very soon.