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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

Welcome back to what is quite possibly the most meaningless feature here at BRB, where I boldly put three (3) predictions in writing that I feel are sure to come true on Sunday.  Given my abysmal performance last week, it goes without saying that I wouldn't wager a peso on any of this:

  1.  Apostrophe Davis follows up his 117 yard, 1 TD day last week with a 90 yard performance and another TD.
  2.  Trent Green takes an absolute beating as Richard Smith realizes that the best way to insulate Petey Faggins is to bring the blitz far more than he has at any point of this young season, thus limiting the amount of time Chris Chambers and/or Marty Booker has to get open.  Still, the bulk of the pressure will come from the front four; I'll call another Super Mario sack (remember--he had 1.5 against the Dolphins last year).
  3.  Miami has looked pretty bad against the run this year.  Don't know if I'll chalk it up to the likely return of Zach Thomas or the likely continued absence of Ahman Green, but look for the Dolphins to yield considerably less than their league-worst 199.2 yard average on the ground.  Write it down--the Texans rack up less than 90 yards behind their Medicore Dayne-led rushing attack.
PUT YOUR NAME ON IT:  Sure, the Texans looked bad against the Falcons last week, and they're still crippled by injuries.  Sure, the Dolphins are dangerous and likely view this as a great chance to get Cameron Cameron his first win.  It's going to be ugly, but I'll cast my lot with The Schaub & Co.  Houston 20, Miami 17.