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Injury Report--Miami v. Houston

Hot off the press, here's the latest injury report for today's game against the Dolphins:

A. Johnson--out (knee)
J. Mathis--out (fibula)
J. Jones--doubtful (shoulder)
A. Green--questionable (knee)
D. Clark--probable (calf)
N.(D.) Kalu--probable (hand)

V. Holliday--out (hay fever)
T. Tillman--out (bad haircut)
C. Crowder--questionable (sprained pelvis)
D. Darius--questionable (incontinence)
Z. Thomas--questionable (skinned knee)
T. Green--probable (a touch of the rheumatiz)
J. Taylor--probable (shingles)
K. Traylor--probable (irritable bowel syndrome)

On a wholly unrelated note, WebMD is the coolest.