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Kubes' Monday Presser

Wonder what everyone wanted to talk about?  Surely not some hit that may have occurred in the first quarter?  Sweet Mariah.  Some high points from Kubes' latest Monday review, which as always may or may not actually have been uttered by Gary Kubiak:

-The Ted Ginn, Jr. reverse/fumble that preceded the Chop Heard Round The World was more like a special teams play than anything else, where said Chop would have been a penalty.

-Travis Johnson has no soul.  Just a cold, black recess filled with hate.

-"Excellent chance" that Ahman Green and Jacoby Jones are going to play against Jacksonville on Sunday.

-'Dre playing on Sunday is much less likely.

-Travis Johnson kicked a puppy on the way to the parking lot after game.

-Charles Spencer coming back this season "doesn't look good."

-Fred Bennett played every third series at corner on Sunday, and the coaching staff liked the way Petey Faggins played at nickel, "so if that keeps progressing, we'll stay that way."

-MDC just started silently sobbing tears of joy after reading that last quote.

-This just in:  Travis Johnson punched a nun.

-Will Demps dislocated an elbow.

-"[N]othing bothers" Matt Schaub.  Except poverty and world hunger, which he is expected to cure by the conclusion of the 2007 season.

-Travis Johnson celebrated Kris Brown's record-setting day by pushing Brown's mother down some stairs and laughing at Brown while he attended to his ailing mother.