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'Dre Update

The Chronicle is reporting that Andre Johnson participated in his first full practice yesterday.  While he estimates that he's 85% healthy, there's apparently almost no chance that he'll take the field in Oakland.  

Is it wrong that I'm happy that 'Dre isn't going to play on Sunday?  While it seems absurd to get excited about the continuing absence of your team's No. 1 offensive weapon, I'm ridiculously nervous that he'll tweak that knee and be lost for the season if he returns before he's 100%.  Plus (and I can't believe I'm writing this), Kevin Walter, Apostrophe Davis, and Owen Daniels have done a very credible job keeping the passing game afloat in 'Dre's absence.  No need to rush back, Andre.  Use the bye week and the days leading up to the game against New Orleans to get back into game shape and to complete the healing process.  The Texans fan base desperately needs you to pick up where you left off in Carolina.