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And We're Back!

Fresh off the bye week and seven days of posts that were barely news related (though I did manage to incur the wrath of soccer fans), today's Chronicle is chock full of goodies about your recuperating Houston Texans.  The main points:

-By his own pronouncement, The Schaub is "ready to go" and will "throw caution to the wind and play with the same vigor as before the injury."  Yes, he really said "vigor."  I love it.

-'Dre "feel[s] good" and is "good enough to play without any problems."  From his mouth to God's ears.

-Despite my concerns to the contrary, Dr. Andrews found nothing new in Ahman's creaky knee. The Texans expect him to play against New Orleans, though he will practice on a very limited basis for the remainder of the season.

And I've saved the best for last:  Petey will not start on Sunday.  Von Hutchins will take over opposite Fred Bennett, and Will Demps will start at FS.  How could Kubes have thought of that?