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Would You?

The NFL reinstated Ricky Williams today, and I for one am optimistic that the fourth time is the charm.  The more cynical among you might say that I'm biased, but I like to think I'm just a wide-eyed dreamer who sees the good in everything and everyone.  Tra la la la.

Our friends in Miami may well have lost patience with Ricky, and it seems like they're more excited about the dawning of a new era anyway.  Putting aside the intricacies of the situation (e.g., the obvious salary cap implications, salary demands, the Fins don't have to activate him, waive him, etc.), I ask BRB this:  Would you?

If Ricky Williams was a free agent right now, would you sign him?  The Houston running game has been abominable for the better part of the season, has it not?  Would you take a flyer on a guy who once rushed for 1,853 yards in a season, albeit five (5) years ago?  Would it wholly depend on his salary demands?  Would you dismiss the idea outright because of his past?  Or  because you are firmly aboard The Good Ship Echemandu?

I know, I know...this has absolutely nothing to do with Sunday's game against The Spawn of ESPN and his merry men.  But it's an interesting exercise, right?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch highlights of the 1998 Texas-Texas A&M game.