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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

I seriously doubt that I can duplicate the relative accuracy of last week's edition, but like your Houston Texans seeking a three (3) game winning streak for the first time in team history, I must try.  Thus, three (3) things that are sure to happen in tomorrow's game in Cleveland:

  1.  The Schaub and 'Dre continue their frighteningly effective partnership, connecting for at least one (1) more TD.  In related passing game news, it looks like the Browns will be without one of their starting CBs tomorrow.  This is a sizable development, particularly considering that the other starting CB, Leigh Bodden, was burned like it was going out of style last week.  This seems to me like the perfect recipe for a big day from Kevin Walter.  Mark K-Dub down for 82 yards receiving and a TD himself.
  2.  The Browns are giving up more points and total yards than any other defense in the NFL.  Specifically, their rushing defense is ranked fifth-worst in the league, and their passing defense is second-worst in the league.  While I fully expect a big game from Matt Schaub, the Cleveland offense is potent.  So potent, in fact, that the Texans will likely give Derek Anderson the "Peyton Manning Treatment"--keep him on the sideline.  The best way to do that, of course, is by establishing the running game.  I therefore expect a lot of carries, and a lot of yards, from one Ron Dayne.  I'll call 97 yards and a TD from The Man We're Awfully Lucky To Have.
  3.  The biggest question, to me, is whether the Dunta-less Houston secondary can make it two (2) consecutive weeks of keeping the opposition in front of them and not giving up the big play.  Unfortunately, I'm skeptical.  The Cleveland offense has a penchant for the big play, and I see the secondary getting torched a time or four (4) tomorrow through the air.  Not that it wasn't already understood, but I have a feeling we'll renew mourning the loss of Dunta Robinson tomorrow afternoon.
PUT YOUR NAME ON IT:  I said it here, and I'll say it again:  Houston 34, Cleveland 31.  And no, I'm not drunk.  Buzzed, sure.  But not drunk.