Now I know we showed that we can play with a team bound for the playoffs... but that's not good enough.  The Browns have receivers, and they have a running back who can pick up yardage when it counts.  I get that.  What about us?

We stayed with them but not when it counted.  Our beloved team needs to find itself.  We  have tried to established a defensive identity, but we still are having problems with the crucial third down stops.  

I hate to say, but Owen Daniels turnover was the turning point of the game.  He seems to fumble ALOT.  I love his tenacity, I love how he can get the first down when he needs, but damn it all if he keeps turning it over.

The season isn't over... I need our boys to win another two games to have my bet pays off (a lunch at Alamo Pizza).  I still believe we can be better than .500.  

Please, let it be.