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Vaya Con Dios, Mike Sherman

In a move that was surmised by several observers once word circulated that Texas A&M hoped to have a new coach in place by today or tomorrow after Dennis Franchione "resigned" on Friday, the Aggies will announce that Texans offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has agreed to become the new head football coach in College Station.  As Texans fans well know, it's become clear that holding the title of offensive coordinator under Gary Kubiak has become less than a one-and-done affair and a sort of apprenticeship for future first-time head collegiate coaches.  Last year, Troy Calhoun departed to become the big cheese at Air Force.  Now, approximately one (1) year later, Sherman leaves to become a head coach in college for the first time in his long and distinguished career.

Will Mike Sherman be the next Pete Carroll?  Or the next Bill Callahan?  We'll see.  Time will tell if this was a good hire for the Ags, but Sherman's resume and the ringing endorsement he's received from Gary Kubiak should put them a bit more at ease this morning as the realization sinks in that Tommy Tuberville, Rich Rodriguez, Steve Spurrier, and/or Chris Peterson won't be purchasing real estate in College Station anytime soon.  

Good luck to Coach Sherman as he begins his next coaching gig, whether it happens immediately or at the conclusion of the Texans' season.  But not too much luck.