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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

It's Take II of the season series against Tennessee on Sunday, which necessarily means it's also Take II of Three And Out concerning the Titans this season.  By way of refresher, here's what I said the first time around.  Pretty pathetic, huh?  If I were you, I'd just stop reading.  I've got less psychic ability than Miss Cleo.  But just like she doesn't let a complete lack of talent get in her way, I refuse to give in.  Thus, three (3) things that I swear will happen on Sunday:

  1.  Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson will bounce back.  Upon watching film of last week's game at Cleveland, I am confident that Kubes and Sherman were appalled (APPALLED!) at the lack of looks given to 'Dre.  It won't happen again, particularly against a suspect Titans secondary.  Look for 'Dre to break the 100 yard mark, and look for The Schaub to learn from last week's foibles in the form of a 250 yard, 2 TD passing day.
  2.  In his triumphant return to Nashville, Super Mario will once again sack VY.  That's not really a bold call, so how about this--Amobi Okoye will awake from his slumber and contribute a sack as well.
  3.  Here's my boldest call of all:  This is the week that Jacoby Jones takes one to the house.  BELIEVE IT!
PUT YOUR NAME ON IT:  By all accounts, this is a game the Titans should win.  They're at home.  They're fighting for their playoff lives.  Albert Haynesworth is expected back to anchor the defense.  Vince Young is surely raring to destroy his hometown team, especially considering that he missed the chance to do so in Houston several weeks ago.

So why pick the Texans?  First and foremost, because I'm a homer who makes no apologies.  Secondly, it physically pains me to ever predict good things for a team that is owned by Bud Adams.  But third and perhaps most applicable to this analysis, I think both the coaching staff and the players learned from last week's mistakes.  Namely, Ron Dayne is going to get more carries.  Matt Schaub will do a better job taking what the defense gives him.  And finally, Richard Smith's ironclad oath to not blitz under any circumstances will pay off this week as Vince Young turns the ball over a time or two.  Texans 24, Titans 23.