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Because A Win Without A Catastrophe Just Isn't Our Style

As anyone who watched today's game at Oakland knew immediately after seeing the replay, Dunta Robinson is done for the year.  The fact that the brass called it a "sprain" is so absurd that it borders on insulting.  Dunta got sawed in half, and the excruciating pain he was in was clearly visible when he went down.

Needless to say, this puts quite a damper on the victory.  Dunta was playing corner as well or better than anyone in the league this season, and his presence was frequently the ONLY good thing about the secondary each week.  I think a damn good argument can be made that he was the single most indispensable player on the entire team, and now he's gone.  Bouncing back from a devastating personnel loss like this is going to require some serious moxie.

Best wishes to Dunta Robinson as he begins the road to recovery.  Rest assured that all of BRB will be cheering you on.

Oh, almost forgot...thanks for nothing, MDC.  Where's your Durga now?