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Injury Report--Houston v. Oakland

Here's the latest injury news for today's titantic tilt (hurrah, alliteration!) between your Houston Texans and the Thieves of Oakland:

J. Fletcher--out (appendicitis)
M. Schaub--out (concussion)
K. Studdard--out (groin)
A. Johnson--out (knee)
K. Brown--probable (plant foot)
C. Pitts--probable (illness)
C.(C.) Brown--probable (shoulder)
O. Daniels--probable (ankle)
A. Davis--probable (chest)
J. Dreessen--probable (elbow)
M. Flanagan--probable (head)
D. Ryans--probable (ankle)
E. Salaam--probable (hand)
J. Echemandu--probable (thigh)
A. Green--probable (knee)

S. Williams--out (snail fever)
G. Warren--out (herpangina)
J. Grove--doubtful (mad cow)
R. Curry--questionable (feline leukemia)
C. Green--probable (bacterial vaginosis)
J. McCown--probable (colic)