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Least Favorite Texan Of All Time?

Ahhhh, the leisurely pace that is the bye week.  With the Texans licking their wounds to the extent possible, I thought a little historical exercise might be in order.

As we sit here halfway through the sixth year of our beloved franchise's existence, it's fair to say that the Texans have had a ton of below-average professional football players don the steel blue, battle red, and liberty white.  Some of that's to be expected, of course, what with the team's expansion roots.  And some of that is certainly due to the "talents" of Charley Casserly and/or Dom Capers, both of whom had a real penchant for burning draft picks, making awful trades, and/or doling out bushels of Bob McNair's money to free agents who either underperformed or never performed at all.  

So here's the question:  Given the rich tapestry that is the Texans' history, which player gets your goat the most?  Your choice can be for any reason.  Maybe the guy was just terrible (Matt Stevens).  Maybe he never seemed to earn the wads of cash the team threw at him (Todd Wade).  Maybe he didn't show even a flicker of being worth what the team gave up in trade to get him (Phillip Buchanon; Jason Babin).  Maybe he embarrassed the team off the field (Marcus Coleman).  Maybe he infuriated you with his comments about the team after he left town (Jabar Gaffney).  Maybe injuries kept him from ever contributing (Tony Boselli; Bennie Joppru).  Maybe he completely failed as a No. 1 overall pick and/or franchise quarterback (David Carr).  You get the picture.

The only thing I ask is that you explain why the player you named "won" the "honor" of being your least favorite Texan of all time.  Fire away in the Comments below.