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Best Moment In Franchise History?

A team that features a lifetime record of 28-61 probably doesn't have a ton of great moments in its history.  Nevertheless, fresh off the success of Tuesday's post about your least favorite Texan of all time, today's query is more upbeat:  What's the best moment in franchise history?

The franchise opening win over Dallas?  Last season's victory over Indy?  The mind-boggling triumph at Pittsburgh in the inaugural season, where the Texans won despite accumulating only 47 yards of offense?  Any one of the seemingly improbable wins over Jacksonville?

Or is the top moment based on an individual's performance?  Kris Brown's 57 yarder a few weeks ago to topple Miami?  Ron Dayne somehow running for 153 yards to beat Indy?  Super Mario getting his first career sack against the Dolphins last year? David Carr receiving his walking papers?

Once again, fire away in the Comments below.