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Matt Schaub Will Talk To Doctors Until He Gets The Answer He Wants

I meant to chat about this yesterday, but got sidetracked.  Thus, here it is a day late and what had better not be $7,000,000.00 in guaranteed money short.

My thoughts on this are simple.  I want The Schaub back healthy.  I know the temptation is there to get him back out on the field so his experience and confidence grow in preparation for a breakout season in 2008.  But there's no way that he or the Texans should risk his long-term health for the sake of playing in any more games this season.  The guy is the franchise quarterback.  Trotting him back out there with a bum wing, which might as well be a bullseye for opposing defenses, simply isn't worth it.  If the Texans' medical staff has an ounce of reservation about sending Matt Schaub back out into the fray this month, he shouldn't be out there.  He's too important to this franchise.