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Schaub? Rosenfels? Make Your Case!

If and when Sage Rosenfels has a good game and leads the Texans to victory tomorrow night against Denver, the whispers that have begun about this topic will surely get louder.  I briefly mentioned said topic in the last Post-Game Breakdown:

21.  Sage played a very, very good game.  Three (3) TD passes and zero (0) INTs are proof of that.  But don't tell me that he's a better QB than Matt Schaub.  A less fragile QB?  I can't argue with that right now.  But better?  No.  I'll have a longer post on this up later this week.

I'm calling a bit of an audible.  Instead of me championing at length why Matt Schaub is the superior option at QB for your Houston Texans, I'm opening up the floor.  Assuming both Rosenfels and Schaub were healthy, who do you think should be under center?  And more importantly, why?  If you want to take a look at each candidate's career and/or season stats, here they are:

Matt Schaub
Sage Rosenfels

This exercise will only be fun if participation gets heavy in the Comments below.  So let me know what you think.  Am I right in backing Schaub?  Or do I need to see the Rosenlight?