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Injury Report--Denver v. Houston

A Thursday night game means a Thursday afternoon injury report.  As always, the status and listing of each player is accurate, though I sometimes get a bit confused and/or malicious when it comes to listing the ailment:

M. Schaub--out (shoulder)
R. Dayne--questionable (ankle)
K. Studdard--questionable (ankle)
D. Ryans--questionable (knee)
K. Brown--probable (plant foot)
D. Clark--probable (groin)

N. Ferguson--out (arachibutyrophobia)
B. Stokely--questionable (bed sores on his laurels)
J. Walker--questionable (pogonophobia)
H. Abdullah--probable (hives)
J. Engelberger--probable (dutchphobia)
A. Hall--probable (DeMecophobia)
C. Myers--probable (hysterectomy)
T. Scheffler--probable (seasonal affective disorder)
I. Snell--probable (phobophobia)
T. Henry--out (reefer madness)