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Yet Another Milestone

And it's not just because the team has tied the franchise record for single-season wins with two (2) games left to play.  No, it's because your Houston Texans weren't officially eliminated from playoff contention until Week 15 was nearly complete.  It ain't a playoff berth, but it's undeniably progress for a franchise whose entire existence (on balance) may best be described as woebegone.  Go find another sports blog that mixes in a "woebegone," by the way.  We're high-level idiots here, baby.

Back to the point of this post...even the most grizzled fan has to admit that the Kubiak Era has passed another milepost on the road to greatness.  This stuff generally doesn't happen overnight, but it's clear that the team is well on its way to achieving a status other than "That Team That Foolishly Passed on Reggie Bush."

As promised, I'll have the Post-Game Breakdown up by the end of the day.