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Injury Report--Houston v. Indianapolis

First a bit of site doesn't appear that we're going to have Pre-Game Recon this week, as I am still waiting for the immensely popular BigBlueShoe to get around to actually answering my questions.  I answered his and all, but I have yet to hear back from him.  As such, I'm not counting on them going up before the game, if at all.

Now, on to the injury report...

D. Clark--questionable (groin)
M. Schaub--questionable (left shoulder)
K. Studdard--questionable (head)
K. Brown--probable (plant foot)
R. Dayne--probable (ankle)
D. Ryans--probable (knee)

T. Jennings--team decision (uterine fibroids)
B. Sanders--team decision (hyperhidrosis)
R. Brock--out (dyspareunia)
R. Diem--out (botanophobia)
M. Harrison--out (pillow fungus)
A. Bethea--questionable (catagelophobia)
R. Guzman--questionable (egg nog poisoning)
R. Mathis--questionable (gynophobia)
C. Session--questionable (mistletoe poisoning)
B. Utecht--questionable (intermittent explosive disorder)
C. Thorpe--probable (coulrophobia)