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In news that has likely left MDC a weeping pile of goo and peppermint schnapps, the Texans cut Joe Echemandu yesterday.  Merry Christmas, Adimchinobi!  You have ten (10) minutes to get out of Reliant Park.

While I've got my fingers crossed that the activation of DelJuan Robinson is the precursor to Smithiak granting my wish for the swift removal of Travis Johnson from the active roster (a man can dream), I'm still a bit surprised that Echemandu got the boot with a couple of days left in the season.  Sure, he hadn't really played any meaningful snaps since Oakland, but the guy seemed to have a burst that was in short supply.  Then again, perhaps the brass made the executive decision that Darius Walker was simply a better option going forward.  Regardless, best of luck to Joe Echemandu in his future endeavors.