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Open Gameday Thread--Jacksonville v. Houston

I feel bad about slacking off so bad in Planet BRB this week.  Holidays or not, your Houston Texans have a chance to do something they've never done before--win eight (8) games in a season.  Finish without a losing record for the first time in franchise history.  Right the wrongs that were inflicted by the previous regime back in 2004 when the Texans laid an egg the size of Abilene against Cleveland when they had the same chance at .500 they do tomorrow.

You know what would make me feel considerably better about mailing it in this week?  A win.  8-8.  Hope.  And it's coming.  By the way, the usual Injury Report sort of seemed pointless, considering the probability/possibility of the Jags sitting some (many?) of their starters in what is clearly a meaningless game for them.  But back to the topic at hand:  Houston 27, Jacksonville 14.

Leave your pre-game, in-game, and post-game belief systems on the game (and the 2007 season, for that matter) in the Comments below.  GO TEXANS!