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Oh, You Think So, Doctor?

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News flash...Ahman Green's season may be over:

With more injuries hitting the Texans, the team is no longer able to waste a roster spot each week on running back Ahman Green if he isn't going to play.

Green, who has a knee injury and was inactive for the sixth time Sunday, will practice this week. Coach Gary Kubiak said a decision will then be made regarding Green's status for the rest of the season.

At this point, I'd be totally SHOCKED if Ahman Green EVER played another snap for the Texans, much less took another snap this season.  I guess $6,500,000.00 just doesn't go as far it used to.  I feel bad for Ahman, as you know this wasn't what he pictured when he signed with the Texans.  But I feel worse for the fans, because we aren't making money for watching the games each week, unlike a certain RB.  And I feel worst for the fans who purchased a No. 30 jersey; it's looking like that investment will only be fruitful if you can find someone on eBay who likes buying hilarious or quirky football artifacts.

Fun With Numbers:  As of today, Ahman Green has earned $1,083,333.33 each time he's dressed for a regular season game as a Texan.  Now THAT'S an incentive laden contract, folks.

Update [2007-12-6 8:40:58 by Tim]:: MDC runs some more numbers here. Read 'em and weep.