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Texans Injury News

Because really, what else is there?  It's not a Houston Texans game unless the good guys lose at least three (3) players to season-ending injuries.  The latest news:

-It's Friday, or as Texans fans call it "That Day Every Week When We Learn That Ahman Green Practiced All Week But Still Won't Be Active On Sunday."  Today may be a bit different, though, as the team could opt to end the charade and place Green on the IR.  While I have no doubt that Ahman is praying that doesn't happen, I'd be very surprised if this afternoon or tomorrow morning didn't feature a post by yours truly examining the end of The Ahman Era in H-Town.

Update [2007-12-7 14:10:54 by Tim]:: Thanks to Triple 347 for bringing this to my attention first...Ahman Green has officially been placed on the Injured Reserve, thus ending his season and likely career with the Texans. Much more later.

-Matt Schaub is out for Sunday's game against the Bucs.  No surprise here either; at this point, let's just hope that The Schaub can make it back onto the field at some point this season.

-In related news, Shane Boyd will be backing up Sage Rosenfels.  Somewhere, Scott sheds a single tear of joy.

-Regardless of who starts, both Kasey Studdard and Mike Brisiel will see time at RG on Sunday.

-Amobi Okoye is tired.  He's talked quite a bit about hitting the dreaded rookie wall, and his relative invisibility the last few weeks sure support that argument.  The most interesting part of the article, to me, was the clear indication that both Super Mario and DeMeco have taken active mentoring and leadership roles despite being less than a year removed from their rookie seasons.  That bodes well for the team for the next several years.