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Injury Report--Tampa Bay v. Houston

First, some site news.  We didn't have an edition of Pre-Game Recon this week because Jerry of Buc 'Em was drowning in work (an all too familiar experience and one with which I am totally sympathetic).  To compound that unfortunate absence, I got too busy and haven't had time to put together this week's Three And Out.  This will probably turn out to be a good thing, as perhaps the lack of idiocy predicting great things for your Houston Texans will result in them sneaking up on the Bucs.  Ahhhh, who am I kidding?  Houston 21, Tampa Bay 17.  On to the injury news...

A. Green--out (knee)
M. Schaub--out (left shoulder)
D. Clark--questionable (groin)
M. Bruener--probable (shoulder)
C. Pitts--probable (knee)
E. Salaam--probable (knee)
M. Turk--probable (back)
R. Dayne--probable (ankle)

M. Pittman--doubtful (coprophilia gone awry)
G. Spires--questionable (HPV)
B.J. Askew--questionable (necrophilia gone awry)
J. Galloway--questionable (senile dementia)
J. Garcia--questionable (balding)
I. Hilliard--questionable (heartworms)
R. Nece--questionable (swamp fever)
K. Carter--probable (charleyhorse)