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Seven Round Mock Draft

Some of our learned colleagues at SB Nation alerted us here at BRB to what is possibly the most comprehensive mock draft site I've ever seen.  It's a computer-simulated seven-rounder, and it's extraordinarily interesting.  Behold Draft Tek !

Keep in mind that the site updates every couple of days, but Houston's current projected picks are enough to get me psyched for mini-camp:

  1.    Adrian Peterson (RB, OU)
  2.   Eric Weddle (SS, Utah)
  3.   Josh Wilson (CB, Maryland)
  4.  Trent Edwards (QB, Stanford)
  5.  Paul Williams (WR, Fresno State)
  6.  Kyle Young (C, Fresno State)
  7.  Stephon Heyer (OT, Maryland)
Aside from the franchise's disturbing proclivity for players from Fresno State, that'd be a draft class Houston fans could get excited about.  Trent Edwards, in particular, in the fourth round could be an absolute steal.  I really, really wish April 28th would just get here already.