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Sometimes ESPN Enrages Me...

Like, for example, when I read this little gem about what the Texans need in the offseason (Insider registration required) .

Do we need help at offensive tackle?  Absolutely.  How about running back?  Sure; no one can feel great about that position.  Quarterback?  Uhhh, yes please.  Defensive tackle?  As Travis Johnson is doing his best to become the biggest bust in franchise history, without a doubt.  Center?  Ehhhh...I think Flanagan, McKinney, and Hodgdon are pretty decent.  In my opinion, there are definitely other positions that require more attention than center.

Notice anything about ESPN's analysis?  That's right...not a single mention of the need to address the secondary.  How is that even possible?  Notwithstanding the offensive line, which played markedly better this year under Mike Sherman than it has in years past, the secondary is easily the weakest part of the team.  Yet no mention of it from the experts at the Worldwide Leader?

Who's writing for them?  Charley Casserly?