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More Carr Talk, And An Interesting Domanick Note

I guess ESPN wasn't content to let the Chronicle hog all the Carr speculation.  In his latest missive , John Clayton speculates that a third rounder might not be enough for the Texans to part with David Carr.

Zuh?  There's creating a market, Rick Smith, and then there's doing too many special mushrooms.  If there is a single general manager in the NFL who would part with a third round pick for Carr, he should be fired on the spot.  And then banished from all football stadiums for life.  That might be an appropriate penalty for such legendary stupidity.

I'm not going to expel any more hot air on the Carr front (in this post); I've already devoted too much time to it.  The most interesting part of Clayton's article was the speculation on Domanick Williams-Davis-Jones-Smith:

"The Texans don't know whether running back Dominick Williams (formally known as Domanick Davis) will be healthy enough for this season. Williams missed last season with a knee injury. Williams has worked hard to make a comeback, but Smith said there is uncertainty.  The more he worked last year, the worse the knee got.  'The rehab process is in the strengthening phase,' Smith said.  'The knee has responded great, but there is still some uncertainty there.'"

What?  Uncertainty?  With Domanick?  No way.  The same guy who sat out the majority of last season with a bone bruise?  The guy who allegedly shut it down for the season because he refused to play through pain that doctors told him would probably never really go away?  The Texans aren't counting on that guy?  Why not?

Great.  And some fans don't want Adrian Peterson because he's injury-prone...