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We Can't Escape David Carr

Really, I want to.  I'd love to read an article on DeMeco Ryans.  Or assessing Mario Williams' rookie campaign.  Or how Andre Johnson is the best WR in the NFL.  Or even how Gary Kubiak takes his coffee.  But no, we're bombarded with more David Carr talk.  Share my pain, BRB readers:

From ESPN's latest "Burning Questions" :

4. Should the Texans take the best QB left on the board with the No. 8 pick?

Schlereth : It depends on whether they decide to sign a free agent quarterback. Jake Plummer is someone they have talked about. David Carr perplexes me. He's not having success, but the caveat is he takes a beating because of his offensive line. You have to wonder if he had a good offensive line, combined with a running game, would Carr be able to lead a team. Would I take Brady Quinn if he was still on the board? Certainly, but Houston is more than a quarterback away from being a good team.

Theismann : No, because I don't think the best QB on the board will be what the Texans need. Houston messed up by not taking Reggie Bush last year -- anytime you can get a player who puts points on the board, you have to take him. So the Texans need to get this one right. If they are going to follow the same philosophy as last year and build a foundation for the future, the Texans should take an offensive lineman. Running back is another position that needs to be addressed.

I believe in David Carr. He had a really solid year in 2006. He just needs to grow up and be a professional. He needs to come out and be a leader of this team -- on and off the field -- and not some 27-year-old who just fell off a surfboard. He has all the physical skills to be a solid QB.

If the Texans draft a QB, they will be taking a couple of steps backwards because rookie quarterbacks don't have a lot of success right away. That much is proven.

Salisbury : That would only be one QB, Brady Quinn (JaMarcus Russell will be gone by then). My question is this: Aren't you starting over if you do that? David Carr led the NFL in completion percentage last season (68.3), his first year in Gary Kubiak's system. Remember, he's been sacked 249 times in his five-year career. Give me a good offensive line and I can win with Carr as my QB. We wouldn't be having this conversation if Houston drafted Reggie Bush last year. I like Quinn, but Houston needs to spend its energy in places other than quarterback, because Carr isn't the biggest problem on this team. How about protecting him?  

A couple of quick thoughts before my head explodes...Mark Schlereth--David Carr perplexes me too.  Props for using "perplex," my man.  Joe Theismann--Normally, I hate you.  But that line about D.C. needing to become a leader and to stop looking like "some 27-year-old who just fell off a surfboard" is simply classic.  Salisbury--you clearly work for ESPN, as evidenced by your idiotic "We wouldn't be having this conversation if Houston drafted Reggie Bush last year" comment.  Eric Metcalf, errrrrrrrrr, Reggie Bush would not have made any difference in the Carr discussion.  How you get paid to comment on football is one of life's greatest mysteries.