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Worst Texan of All-Time?

Scott's earlier post about the all-time worst Texan squad got me thinking.  In the brief five year history of the franchise, we've seen our fair share of players who probably couldn't have secured a job on any other team.  Much of that is due to the fact that Houston was an expansion team, but nevertheless...

Let us know in the comments who rates as your all-time worst Texan.  The guy who most often caused you to scream, "How is that guy on the field?"  Or, "What have we done to deserve (insert name here)?"

I'll start it off with two names:   Matt Stevens and Phillip Buchanon .  Stevens actually came disturbingly close to giving me an aneurysm on no less than ten (10) occasions during his time in H-Town.  Buchanon may not have been as memorable as Stevens, but when you remember that acquiring his patented matador style of tackling cost a second and third round draft pick, he's got to be in the discussion of worst in franchise history.

Who else got your blood boiling?