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Moulds Gone Too

Manfull has now amended her article to include Eric Moulds among the cuttees.  As Tim mentioned yesterday, the signing of  Moulds last season was much ballyhooed, but his production was inconsistent at best.  Personally, I blame the QB for that lack of production, but it is obvious that Moulds is now a big, possession guy not a speedy, downfield threat at this point in his career.  I would have like to see him back in '08 as much to be a mentor of Andre as anything else, but now it is likely time for Andre to start mentoring others, seeing as that he was the #1 receiver in the AFC last season.

Moulds, Payne and Wiegert are all high-character, inconsistent producers, and it is quite interesting that they are being shed at this point...reminds me of the Sharper/Glenn cuts two years ago.  I am certainly in favor of bringing in some younger, more talented players, but there is no doubt that this trio still brings a lot to the table, on and off the field.  Hopefully Kubes and Rick Smith have a better idea of how to replace the void left by this triumverate than Dom Capers had two years ago.  Cuts like these are not that big a story; the story will be the signings and draft picks that fill in these gaps. I'm no capologist, but Payne (#15), Moulds (#7) and Wiegert (#8) were among the Texans highest-paid players heading into 2008, so certainly some room is being created. Along these lines, the names Carr, Wong, Davis-Williams, Putzier and Walters seem to fit, don't they?