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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, it's not Christmas.  Now that the pesky 2006 NFL postseason has finally come to an end, it's time to turn to the highlight of every Texans fan's year--the NFL Draft.  Pathetic to be sure, but we don't exactly have a rich tradition of playoff success in which to bask during the dreary months between January and September.  Yet.

As such, we here at BRB will be turning our laserlike focus to areas we hope/think/pray management will address via the Draft on April 28-29, 2007.  The plan is to address a specific position or area on the team (e.g., QB, RB, secondary, OL, etc.) every few days, complete with an analysis of the current options on the roster and possible new additions via the Draft.  We'll also drop some possible free agent acquisitions in where we can (e.g., Jake Plummer to reunite with Kubes?).

Because we believe in leading with a whimper and remaining non-controversial at all times, the first position to be dissected will be...quarterback.  I'm sure that will result in even-handed, dispassionate discourse in which no one compares David Carr to Rick Mirer or laments the absence of Vince Young.  Check back tomorrow for that disaster.