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Project Disappointment

One could view this study as morbidly depressing, but I prefer to view it from the optimist's perspective - how far the Texans have come, or, how much worse it really could be.  Here's my own 'worst possible all-time Texans' lineup' - feel free to make your own suggestions.  There have been so many forgettable Texans, I'm sure that some have slipped through the cracks thanks to hours of intense drinking and counseling.

QB - Dave Ragone
RB - Tony Hollings, Stacey Mack
FB - Greg Comella
WR - Corey Bradford, Kevin Kasper, Sloan Thomas
TE - Ben Joppru
LT - Victor Riley
LG - Demingo Graham
C - Drew Hodgdon (no offense, Drew - not much to pick from here)
RG - Ryan Schau
RT - Todd Wade

DE - Corey Sears, Jason Babin
DL - Charles Hill, Travis Johnson
LB - Charlie Clemons, Kenneth Pettway, Frank Chamberlain
DB - Phillip Buchanon, Jason Bell
SS - Matt Stevens
FS - Jammal Lord

If someone has a computer simluation engine that can plug this lineup and run it through a 16-game schedule, I'd love to see the results.  Also, if any of our loyal readers would like to submit a "Where are They Now", specifically regarding our personal favoriate all-time Texan, Matt Stevens, please drop us a line.