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Len Pasquarelli Is Giving Me Ulcers

Per his latest "Tip Sheet" on

"Houston owns the eighth overall choice in the first round of the draft and NFL sources tell that the Texans have been talking to teams higher in the order about moving up in the round, if necessary, to snag Quinn. Specifically, the Texans feel they might have to leap-frog the Minnesota Vikings, who own the No. 7 pick and will also be tempted to grab Quinn.

The Texans have been doing a lot of talking with Washington, currently at the No. 6 slot, about a deal. That makes sense because Redskins coach Joe Gibbs, who finally seems convinced that you can't buy a Super Bowl with free agents and actually have to invest in some draft picks once in a while, wants to slide down out of the No. 6 slot and amass extra choices.

Some in the league feel the Texans and Redskins already have an arrangement in place for such a deal, provided, of course, Quinn is still on the board at the sixth slot."

Wait a now the Smithiak Regime is pondering trading away draft picks to move up to get Quinn?  I thought the Texans had decided against re-engaging in that Casserlian practice until, you know, THEY COULD AFFORD TO GIVE DRAFT PICKS AWAY.  This has to be a case of smoke and mirrors.  Surely the Texans leaked this "strategery" to spook other teams into trading up to get Quinn so Houston can do what it really wants, be it trading back to acquire more picks, draft LaRon Landry, etc.  That has to be it.  I simply refuse to believe that my team is honestly considering trading away draft picks to move up to draft Brady Quinn.  If I say that last sentence enough times, I know I will start to believe it.

Great.  Now I need a drink.  Thanks, Pasquarelli.