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[] Snake Recoiling, Possibly Headed to Tampa

Len Pasquerelli reports that the Bucs and Broncos are nearing completion of a deal that would send Jake the Snake to Tampa Bay in return for a fourth-round draft pick from Denver.  

This is good news on two fronts.  First, Jake would not be a Texan under this scenario.  Second, if Jake Plummer is worth a fourth-round pick, David Carr, who is definitely younger than Jake and more quite possibly more talented than Jake, would have to be worth a second- or third-round pick, right?  Question is, is someone going to be willing to cough that price up in return for ol' #8?

UPDATE-- Adam Schefter of the NFL Network is allegedly reporting that Plummer is going to retire. Could this just be a ploy to avoid playing in Tampa Bay? Regardless, be sure to check out SB Nation's Tampa Bay and Denver blogs; I know that those guys are going to be all over this story as it develops.