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Dead Money Aplenty In H-Town

Great article in the Chronicle this morning assessing the free agents available today, as well as the sobering realization that the Texans probably won't be in play for many (any?) of them.  Apparently, the Texans have between $18,000,00.00 and $20,000.00 in "dead money" earmarked for players that are in large part no longer even with the freaking team.

Boy, those Todd Wade and Robaire Smith signings sure have paid dividends, haven't they?  How can a neutral observer look at the horrific contracts the Texans offered during the Casserly regime and think that he is qualified to opine on anything but the quickest way to submarine a franchise?

Deep breaths.  Deep breaths.  On a more upbeat note (and as mentioned in the same article), the Texans tendered offers to all six (6) of their restricted free agents.  Of that crew, I'd love to see Glenn Earl, Shantee Orr, Anthony Maddox, and especially Vonta Leach (see you later, Jameel Cook) back next season.  None of them should be particularly pricey, and all were valuable contributors last year.