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Giants Sign Leach to Offer Sheet; Will Texans Match?

Thanks to Ed at Big Blue View for pointing this out to seems the Giants have signed BRB favorite Vonta Leach to an offer sheet.  The deal is pretty freaking sizable, especially for a FB (though I have to remind myself that the market is sufficiently insane to award a guy like Joey Porter $20 mil in guaranteed money).  

So the question is whether the Texans will match the proposed four year, $7,200,000.00 deal.  I opined in one of the Diaries that I'd be surprised if the Texans let Leach go, but that stance may be primarily fueled by my fear that Jameel Cook could reclaim the starting gig.  $7.2 mil is an awful lot of cake, and Smithiak may not want to ante up that kind of dough, even for someone who played as well as Vonta did last season.  Nevertheless, it says here that I hope the Texans match.  Visions of Cook dropping the football are dancing in my head, and I can't have that sort of distraction this close to the draft.