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BREAKING NEWS--Matt Schaub to Houston?

You read that right.  John McClain is reporting that a deal for the Falcons QB "could be imminent."

WHAT????!!!???  Sure, Schaub COULD (should?) be an upgrade over the status quo, but at what cost?  I can assure you that it won't be cheap.  The Falcons tendered him at the highest level possible, meaning that any team that wanted to sign him as a restricted free agent would have to forfeit a first and third round pick.  While McClain states that a trade appears to be the method the Texans will use, thus theoretically meaning Schaub wouldn't cost a first and third round pick, you have to believe that Atlanta is going to turn the screws to Houston before parting with their failsafe to The Michael Vick Experiment.

So what would Schaub cost?  The No. 8 pick?  A second and third?  A second and next year's first?  The possibilities are endless.  And frankly, they're nauseating.  I will refrain from passing final judgment on any deal until I see what the Texans are going to give up, but I will say this:  I am terrified.

Update [2007-3-21 14:53:23 by Tim]:--ESPN is reporting that the Texans will flip first round picks with the Falcons (going from No. 8 overall to No. 10 overall), as well as part with their second round pick this year AND their second round pick in 2008. Wow.