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Carr Gone By The End Of The Weekend?

Sure seems like a possibility:

"Carr could be released or traded before the weekend is over. Neither side wants to drag it out."

We'll post an in-depth retrospective on David Carr's career in Houston once his departure becomes official; it's just a matter of time.  Say what you want about his performance on the field, but the guy has been a class act off the field.  We should all wish him the best wherever he lands.  Assuming, of course, someone actually wants him:

"Minnesota, Oakland and Miami are possibilities, even though one wouldn't know the Vikings are interested based on what coach Brad Childress told their flagship radio station, KFAN in Minneapolis.

Childress told the station the Vikings aren't interested in trading for Carr, and he explained why.

'I always struggled with where his release came from,' Childress said. 'It's kind of a drop-down, three-quarter, not overhand, over-the-top release.

'Just in the tape I've watched in the (five) years he's been in the league, he can make some of the throws, (but) he can't make all the throws. He gets some balls batted at the line of scrimmage just because of where that ball comes from.

'(It's) a little more difficult to throw in-the-seam throws because it doesn't come from over the top. He can't get a ball to get out of his hand, get up and get down.

'He's a smart guy; he's a decent athlete. But when you're buying a quarterback at this level and you kick the tires, there shouldn't be a lot of things that you're trying to straighten out. You pick a Carr, you pick a quarterback because you like all the things about him. ... You don't want to feel like there are any perceived flaws.'

Ahhh, the infamous he-doesn't-throw-over-the-top debate begins anew.  Of course, this could again all be smoke and mirrors.  Much like the we-won't-trade-draft-picks "posturing" that has spewed from Reliant the past couple of weeks.  Not that I'm complaining.  I hear our new QB has more of an over-the-top than three-quarters release.  We're set.