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BREAKING NEWS--Texans CUT David Carr AND Domanick Davis-Williams

Yowza.  After months of dawdling, hemming, and hawing, your Houston Texans have finally parted ways with (1) the first pick in franchise history and the only QB the team has ever known and (2) the franchise's all-time leading rusher and the guy who, until a year ago, was thought to be the answer at the RB position.

And now they're both gone.  And they fetched ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return.  Says quite a bit about your franchise when your all-time leading passer and all-time leading rusher are both released, free of charge, at the ripe old ages of 27 and 26 years old, respectively.

Obviously, there's a whole lot more to discuss on this.  I'd like to open it up to get everyone's initial comments before we delve in any deeper.  I can't imagine that every Texans fan doesn't have some sort of visceral reaction to this news...