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David Carr's Last Day As A Texan

The former franchise quarterback of your Houston Texans apparently spent his last few hours as a Texan playing a round with BRB favorite/understudy of The Schaub Sage Rosenfels.  I'm not sure why I find that to be amusing, but I do.

Of greater import is the reaction of his former teammates to Carr's release.  To a man, all of them noted how weird it would be to have a Houston locker room that didn't feature David Carr.  And to a man, no one said he got a raw deal.  Although the national media continues to express amazement at how the Texans failed to get anything for Carr in trade (note:  I'm only going to say this one more time:  No team with anything resembling competent management was going to trade for the right to pay Carr's contract for the next two years when they knew he'd be on the street and thus available on the cheap in a matter of time...the only man who would have given up a draft pick for Carr is not currently employed by an NFL franchise...his name is Charley Casserly), it seems like everyone knew that a split was for the best.  

Much, much more to come on the end of Carr Era; I haven't even scratched the surface of what I want to say about it yet.