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SB Nation Mock Draft

The writers for SB Nation's NFL sites will be participating in a league (internet?) wide three-round mock draft.  It's tentatively scheduled to begin on 03/28/07, with the thought being that we'll get through a few picks each day via e-mail, eventually concluding shortly before the real draft on 04/28/07.  Trades are allowed, and the entire draft proceedings will be posted on a SB Nation site to be determined.  Of course, we here at BRB will immediately apprise you of what we do with your Houston Texans.

That said, what do the BRB faithful think the Texans should do?  Scott and I will be playing the role of Smithiak; like any good personnel guy not named Casserly, we crave the input of all those who care about the hometown team.  

Now that we don't have to sweat that pesky second-round pick, let's focus on the first (No. 10 overall) and third round (No. 73 overall) picks.  Thoughts?  Please leave your suggestions in the comments.