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The Texans Finally Got One Right!

And that's locking up Andre Johnson before he can hits the market.  Dre had two years left on his original deal, but this move was brilliant on two fronts:  (1) Laying out the dough a No. 1 WR and Pro Bowler deserves and (2) freeing up another $6,000,000.00 in money under the 2007 cap to chase other free agents.  It's a win-win deal, and Bob McNair should be applauded for being proactive on that front.

If Andre Johnson isn't the best wide receiver in football, he's at least in the discussion.  Sure, I'm biased, but Johnson is indisputably the premiere offensive weapon on the Texans.  Knowing that he'll be around for several more seasons should allow whoever's under center, as well as the dwindling Texan fan base, some piece of mind.