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Texans Host Two More Free Agents

Texans management gave the dog and pony show to Patrick Ramsey and Danny Clark today.  Pardon me if I'm not cartwheeling over the prospect of bringing in two guys who did not start a single game between them this past season.  

Conceivably, however, Clark could step in and challenge for a starting job; worst case scenario, I have to think a guy who posted 100+ tackles in 2004 and 2005 would add some depth to the linebacking corps (though I think whatever it would cost to sign him could probably be put to better use in strengthening weaker areas of the team).  I really can't fathom why the Texans would even bring Patrick Ramsey in for a visit.  Sure, we've got QB problems, but is Ramsey really a superior option to Sage?  Or (can't believe I'm writing this) Carr?  I'm inclined to think not, so I wonder how much of this is simply a case of Kubiak's reputation as a quarterback guru enticing every wayward signal-caller under the sun to visit H-Town.