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Jake Plummer Still Houston-Bound?

Also from PFT:


"A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that quarterback Jake Plummer does not intend to retire, and that he is (as suspected) trying to get to Houston, where he would be reunited with former Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak.

Plummer's desire to play for the Texans would help explain the failure of the team, in the wake of his supposed retirement, to hit the market and sign a veteran quarterback, since it's widely believed that David Carr is finished there.

Some league insiders believe that, in the end, Houston will acquire his rights, presumably via a trade with the Buccaneers."

Man, do I hope this is wrong.  I've read that Plummer submitted his retirement papers, but I have also heard (on Sports Radio 610 this morning, I believe) that he hasn't actually submitted his papers to the NFL office.  But what would the Texans trade for him?  If they weren't willing to give up a second-day draft pick to the Broncos a week ago, why would they give that (or anything else of value) to the Bucs now?  It just doesn't track.

If I had to speculate (and I do), I'd guess that Plummer never thought the Bucs would pull the trigger on a deal if they thought he'd walk away, thus forcing (a) the Broncos to cut him, allowing him to head to Houston on his own or (b) the Broncos to reduce their demand for him, thus allowing Houston to acquire him for a lesser package.  Tampa Bay called his bluff, and now he's hosed.  Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden aren't about to do Jake any favors, so Plummer is at their mercy, praying that the Texans will ride to his rescue.  Given Houston's admirable refusal to part with any draft picks thus far, it's probably not a good idea for The Snake to hold his breath.